Wet winning start for Oldcastle in Corn na Boinne

Oldcastle 2-15 Walterstown 1-09

Oldcastle got their season off to a good start with a win over Walterstown in a rain-soaked Millbrook on Saturday afternoon (17 February 2024).

The lads were impressive from the off, with a Jason Scully free getting things underway, followed by two points from Robbie Farrelly, and another from Colin Hawdon, which could just as easily have been a goal. Another free from Robbie, with the Walterstown goalie mangling the kick-out and Colin Hawdon firing it straight back over again, left Oldcastle six up to no score. Walterstown finally took a point, then added another two. A super point from Pearse Sheridan was followed by a free from Colin Hawdon, but Walterstown then took a point, followed by goal and another point, to level it. A score from Robbie Farrelly just before the break left the score Oldcastle 0-09 Walterstown 1-05.

Oldcastle started with some lovely play, Sean Maxwell to James Cooke, back to Sean and on to Oran O’Reilly, to Dylan Garrigan, to Ronan Maguire, fouled, free on to Colin Hawdon who chipped a lovely ball in to Ben Grey who was desperately unlucky not to get a goal. Walterstown added on a point, a Colin Hawdon free putting Oldcastle ahead again, but Walterstown adding a point of their own to level it once more, and really coming into the game now. A high tackle on Colin resulted in a free, converted by Robbie. The move of the match was next, a run to the halfway line by goalie Sean Maxwell getting a lovely ball to the speedy Dylan Garrigan who fired her over the bar. Walterstown put one wide, but scored the next, and indeed the one after that to level the match once more.

With ten minutes remaining the rain started to pour, but didn’t stop Robbie from putting her between the posts, one up again. Darren Hawdon got the ball to brother Colin who fed her to Pearse Sheridan who was on a good run and fired her to the back of the net! Oldcastle finally had a bit of breathing space, and with that, Ronan Maguire got the next ball on to Strictly Come Dancing winner Lee Healy, blue socks today instead of orange, but with the same fancy footwork and killer moves, and on to Ben Grey who planted her in the back of the net. Paul Hennessey made good work to get the next ball on to CJ Healy who fisted her over the bar, just as the rain got even heavier and the final whistle blew, on a scoreline of Oldcastle 2-15, Walterstown 1-09.

Oldcastle: Sean Maxwell, Oran O’Reilly, Louis Colleran, Dylan Garrigan (0-01), Lee Healy, Steven Lawless, Ronan Maguire, Pearse Sheridan (1-01), James Cooke, C.J. Healy (0-02), Jason Scully (0-01), Rory Crawley, Robbie Farrelly (0-07), Colin Hawdon (0-03), Garrett O’Reilly. Subs: Ben Grey (1-00), Keith Connell, Darren Hawdon, Paul Hennessey.