Premier Championship win over Syddan in Millbrook

Oldcastle 3-17 Syddan 3-07
After their first round win over Blackhall Gaels, Oldcastle were in a confident mood coming into tonight’s (15/04/2023) home match against Syddan. The rain started to pour at Millbrook as Ref Seamus O’Connor threw in the ball, and never let up for the duration. Syddan took the first point, but that was soon cancelled out by a lovely effort from Lee Healy. Eoin Smith was brought down soon after, and CJ Healy stepped up to convert, followed by a great blockdown from Conor Delaney, the ball finding Garrett O’Reilly who sailed her over. The Syddan kickout was brought down by CJ who got her in to DJ Monaghan, who took the point. That kickout was taken down by Paddy Rahill, on via the speedy Ben Grey, to Conor Delaney, on to Eoin Smith and over to DJ who smashed her to the back of the net for the first goal of the game! Syddan retaliated straight away, the ball hoofed up the field and straight to the back of the Oldcastle goal within a minute. Rian Mulvanny’s kickout found Ben Grey, a great catch from him, and onwards via Conor Delaney and Louis Colleran, in to Garrett O’Reilly for another point, followed soon after by a lovely score from Cillian Connell. Syddan were doing their best to keep in touch, three points adrift at this stage, but the Syddan kick-out was taken down by Garrett O’Reilly who put her straight back in to the Syddan goal, to widen the gap to six.
More points followed from Garrett, CJ, Eoin and Cillian, before some great play from Ciaran Connell got the ball on to CJ Healy for another goal. Syddan once more responded, a goal of their own the final score of the first half, with the score Oldcastle 3-10, Syddan 2-04.
Oldcastle got the second-half underway with a point from Lloyd Colleran, followed by a super long-range effort from James Cooke. DJ and Garrett added more points, before Syddan were awarded a penalty. Sean Maxwell was now in the goals, and he made a super save! Syddan were suddenly energised however, and now added on three points and a goal without reply. It was too little too late however, and with the last point of the match from Lloyd Colleran, when the final whistle blew the score was Oldcastle 3-17, Syddan 3-07.

Oldcastle: Rian Mulvanny, Mattie Cadden, Louis Colleran, Alan Gilsenan, Lee Healy (0-1) , Mossy Flood, Cillian Connell, Ben Grey, Paddy Rahill, Lloyd Colleran (0-02), Conor Delaney, Ciaran Connell (0-02), Garrett O’Reilly (1-05), Eoin Smith (0-01), DJ Monaghan (1-02). Subs: CJ Healy (1-02), James Cooke (0-02), Sean Maxwell, Stephen Tierney, Ross Cadden.