Minors go Top

Oldcastle 4-13
Seneschalstown 3-10

After a good second half performance, Oldcastle overcame rivals Seneschalstown to go top of the table.

There was nothing between the sides at the break as they produced 2-05 apiece. Oldcastle proved the difference in the second half as they came out looking for the win. There was no shortage of scores in this half as Oldcastle outscored seneschalstown 2-08 to 1-05 to finish on top at the final whistle.

Best on the night for Oldcastle were Stephen Lawless, Keith Connell, Ronan Taggart, Jason Scully and Shane Quinn.

Oldcastle: K.Gibney, S.Milmoe, K.Connell, M.Flood, D.Garrigan, S.Lawless, C.McKenna, O.O’Reilly, R.Taggart, J.Disney, S.Quinn (0-4) C.Maguire, CJ.Healy (2-1), C.Delaney (0-2), J.Scully (2-6).