BFL Div.2 off to dream start with a win against Ballinlough!

Oldcastle: 5-09 Ballinlough, 1-14
The B-League got rolling this evening (6/3/2020) with the away fixture to Ballinlough, and the first half was everything you could dream of, with the goals flying in and points to match! The Oldcastle PRO swanned off to confirmation, so this is an amalgamation of many sources here, but fair play to Susan in Ballinlough for even posting on facebook/twiitter/instragram/everywhere – the half-time score of Oldcastle 5-05 to Ballinlough 0-06, pure dedication!
It nearly paid off though, with a big comeback from the ‘Lough in the second half, the Oldcastle lads only registering another four points to eleven from the home side. Ultimately it wasn’t enough, but it made for an exciting second half and an entertaining game of football overall.
Our next round of the B League is Oldcastle v Castletown on Saturday 14th March at 6pm in Millbrook.
Oldcastle: Karl Gibney, James McCluskey, Mattie Cadden, Joe Lynch, Cillian Connell, Robbie Farrelly, Eoin McNamee, Ross Cadden, Stephen Tierney, Kyle Kavanagh (0-02) , Pearse Sheridan (1-03) , Lee Healy (1-03), Garrett O’Reilly (2-01) , Daire McEnroe (1-00), Martin Rudden.

Subs: Josh Halpin, James Caffrey, Cillian Hanlon, Jack Fox, Sean McEnroe, Ignas Ramonas.