U-14 Semi-Final Thriller at Millbrook

Oldcastle 7-14 Rathkenny 7-8
Rathkenny travelled to take on our U-14 team in the Div 4 Semi-Final in Millbrook this evening (12 June 2018), and once the mystery of the missing referee was solved (and get well soon to Martin Dawson from all in Oldcastle) the game commenced with Gerry Skelly the man in black. A big crowd saw Rathkenny take the first point, before Ryan Kevin and J.P. Purcell took points for Oldcastle. Then Rathkenny smashed their first goal in. A Rory Crawley goal put us back in front, but they chipped over another point. Oldcastle settled in now though, and a nice Paul Hennessy point was followed by a lovely Eoin Smith goal, which itself came from a great catch by Fionn McCabe, having a great match at wing back.
Jack Kellett was sticking to his man like glue, and Kane Cullen was also having a fantastic match at wing forward, dominating his side of the pitch, and he took the next point. Cormac O’Connell did great work to get the next ball on to Paul, on to Rory, to J.P. and in to Brian Hetherton for a great goal. The score was now Oldcastle 3-05, Rathkenny 1-03, with just minutes left in the first half. But like a bite from a dying snake, two quick goals from Rathkenny bit Oldcastle in the nether regions, and the half-time whistle saw the score at Oldcastle 3-05, Rathkenny 3-04.

The second-half saw Oldcastle pop over two points, but Rathkenny responded with a goal to level the match. Oldcastle’s defence were working hard throughout: Lloyd, Brian and Ciaran Connell had great matches.. Two goals from Paul Hennessy then gave Oldcastle a great boost. Rathkenny responded with a couple of points, and always looked dangerous near the goals. Tom Lynch made an immediate impact when he came on, with a point and a goal straight off. Rathkenny never gave up, and took another goal to come within six points of Oldcastle. From then on however, we had the upper hand, with a James Gibney blockdown leading to a goal from J.P. Purcell, followed by points from Tom and Eoin Smith. Jamie Keatinge made a few serious saves in goals, making all the difference. Rathkenny then scored a penalty, but a dogfight for the next ball saw Rory Crawley win it and feed it on to Eoin Smith to take another point. Rathkenny came back with yet another goal, but finally the whistle blew on a score-line of Oldcastle 7-14; Rathkenny 7-08.

Fair play to all the lads on both sides for a hugely entertaining, clean and seriously competitive game of football. Fair play as always to Rian Mulvanny for coming along and supporting the lads, hope to have you back soon Rian. Every single player on the pitch gave their all, and huge congratulations to Oldcastle on reaching this Div. 4 Final!

The Final will be played in Dunganny on Tuesday evening next (19 June) at 8pm with Ballinabrackey providing the opposition.

Oldcastle: Jamie Keatinge, Ciaran Connell, James Gibney, Jack Kellett, Cormac O’Connell, Lloyd Colleran, Fionn McCabe, Brian Hetherton (1-00), Rory Crawley (1-00), Kane Cullen (0-02), Eoin Smith (1-03), Ryan Kevin (0-03), Paul Hennessy (2-01), Eoin Muldoon, J.P. Purcell (1-03), Sam Svensson, Colm Gibson, Alan Gilsenan, Adam Smith, Tom Lynch (1-02).