U-13’s secure victory with second-half comeback

Oldcastle 5-09, Blackhall Gaels 4-04
Our U-13’s clocked up another good win at Millbrook this afternoon (23 Sept.2017), in a game of two very different halves. Blackhall Gaels played with the advantage of the strong breeze in the first, and coupled with a lacklustre performance from Oldcastle the half time score was Oldcastle 0-01, Blackhall Gaels 3-03.
The lads came out fighting in the second half, and a goal from Jamie Keatinge straight from the throw-in steadied the ship. Another from Rory Crawley a minute later, followed by points from J.P. Purcell, Lloyd Colleran and a goal from Paul Hennessy saw the sides draw level. Not content with that, Oldcastle pushed on, and a lovely goal from Kane Cullen, plus points from Eoin Smith, Adam Smith, J.P. and Eoin Muldoon were added to the score. Great work also from defence, who limited the opposition to just two scores in this half. The final score was: Oldcastle 5-09, Blackhall Gaels 4-04.
Oldcastle: Rian Mulvanny, Ciaran Connell, Brian Hetherton, James Gibney, Kane Cullen (1-00), Fionn McCabe, Lloyd Colleran (0-01), Rory Crawley (1-01), Cormac O’Connell, J.P. Purcell (0-03), Eoin Smith (1-01), Ryan Kevin, Eoin Muldoon (0-01), Adam Smith (0-01), Jamie Keatinge (1-00), Paul Hennessy (1-01).