Seniors made it 2 wins from 2 outings in the IFC

Oldcastle 3-10 Castletown 2-10

Oldcastle got the perfect start in ideal conditions in Carnaross on Saturday evening with a 2-02 advantage in the opening five minutes. CJ Healy was first on the scoresheet after Rory McHugh won the throw in and good work from Paddy Rahill and Robert Farrelly prevailed to give Oldcastle the first score of the game.
With Sean Maxwell controlling the defence, he intercepted a Castletown attack and the turn over resulted in Peter Monaghan netting for Oldcastle in the very early stages of the game.
Oldcastle dictated the opening ten minutes of this game and consequently Stephen Tierney also sent over his first while Farrelly then did well to win a ball on the end line and again netted for Oldcastle.
It was then that Castletown started to attack and added their first score of the game. They added another two within three minutes and began to reduce the deficit heading into the second quarter. As Castletown began to build a goal came at the perfect time for them, but Niall Mangan was on hand to send over another to keep the Oldcastle advantage.
The sides then traded scores with Castletown sending over one from play, while Paddy Gilsenan then won the break and sent the ball into the full forward line and Rahill sent it over from there.
Things looked to still be in Oldcastle’s favour five minutes to the break, but Castletown put the pressure on the Oldcastle defence and added 1-02 to Tierney’s 45 leaving them one point the better going into the second half.

Oldcastle were first of the mark after the break with Rahill adding another and again brought the game to a draw. This was soon cancelled out by a Castletown point four minutes into the half. Castletown then added another but Ronan Maguire kept the minimum between the sides as he sent over his first.
There was just a point between the sides heading into the final quarter as Castletown had sent over another from play and Mangan had added a converted free. Paddy Gilsenan levelled the game following good work from Farrelly and Monaghan. With Eoin Gilsenan winning the ball at his own end line, he worked up the length of the pitch with Maguire and sent the ball into Monaghan, who again scored a goal at a crucial time for Oldcastle.
Castletown didn’t give up and got in for a goal, but an excellent save from McHugh kept Oldcastle at an advantage with minutes to go on the clock. Castletown added their final score in the closing stages of the game, but Gilsenan cancelled this out and left Oldcastle a goal clear at the end.

Oldcastle: C.McHugh, J.Tuite, C.McPartland, B.Curran, E.McNamee, S.Maxwell, E.Gilsenan, P.Monaghan (2-0), R.McHugh, P.Gilsenan (0-2), P.Rahill (0-2), CJ Healy (0-1), R.Farrelly (1-0), N.Mangan (0-2), S.Tierney (0-2).
Subs: M.Taggart for J.Tuite (HT) R.Maguire (0-1) for CJ Healy (38 Minutes) A.McCann for N.Mangan (50 Minutes)
R.Cadden, C.Caffrey, J.Caffrey, C.Curran, C.Delaney, P.Higgins, Paddy Monaghan, O. O’Reilly G.Reidy.


Sean Maxwell MoM v Castletown IFC

Sean Maxwell was presented with ‘Man of the match’ award sponsored by Justin’s Barber Shop after the game