Premier FC Final awaits!

Oldcastle 3-13 Moynalvey 3-07
An entertaining Semi-Final was played out in Moynalvey this evening (26/6/2023), certainly a game of two different halves. Oldcastle came out all guns blazing in the first, the first kick of the game from Ross Cadden’s throw-in catch finding Eoin Smith who sailed her over the bar, followed by a lovely point from CJ Healy. A pointed free from CJ came a minute later, before Moynalvey got their first score. CJ was unlucky not to get a goal with the next play, the ball coming off the post, Oldcastle next score a lovely point from Ben Grey. Oldcastle should have put more space between the sides, with some wides and short balls, before getting into their stride again. Moynalvey were done for travelling and with CJ within kicking distance he put her over. Moynalvey came goal hunting, but Rian Mulvanny’s save denied them. Garrett O’Reilly was caught by studs at one end of the pitch, and while he was being attended to, CJ took everyone by surprise with a goal the far end, but Moynalvey retaliated with a goal straight away.
A Darren Hawdon clearance on to Louis Colleran found Garrett, on to Lee Healy who had a super match, to James Cooke who kicked it beautifully to Ben Grey for a good mark, and a point from Ben. Good work from Conor Delaney got the ball on to Cillian Connell, he was in a good position and took his shot for the second Oldcastle goal. The lads were on a roll now, with another point from Garrett. Conor Delaney was on a good run soon after before being busted sideways as he advanced on goal, CJ putting the penalty to the back of the net to leave it Oldcastle 3-07 Moynalvey 1-02 at the break.

With a gap like that you would think the lads were home and dry, but Moynalvey came out fighting in the second half. Ben Grey, CJ and James Cooke pointed for Oldcastle, but suddenly the opposition added on a point, followed by a goal, then three more points in a row. Ben Grey stopped the tsunami with an Oldcastle point, but yet another Moynalvey attack resulted in a goal, with the gap now down to four points. Ben Grey took a lovely free; his substitute Stephen Tierney came onto the pitch and immediately sent over a fine point, but with that Moynalvey were awarded a penalty at the other end. Rian Mulvanny pulled off a super save, and with six points now between the teams the ref blew the whistle on a well-deserved but hard-earned victory for the lads, on a final score of Oldcastle 3-13, Moynalvey 3-07. The final awaits.

Oldcastle: Rian Mulvanny, Lee Healy, Louis Colleran, Matthew Cadden, Garrett O’Reilly (0-01), Mossy Flood, James Cooke (0-01), Ross Cadden, Conor Delaney, Brian Hetherton, CJ Healy (2-04), Cillian Connell (1-00), Darren Hawdon, Eoin Smith (0-01), Ben Grey (0-05). Subs: Paddy Rahill, Lloyd Colleran, Josh Halpin, Stephen Tierney (0-01).