LM/FM League Div 1 Victory for Oldcastle

Oldcastle 3-13, Senchalstown 4-09

Oldcastle were two out of two wins in the LM/FM Minor League (Div. 1) but knew Senchalstown were a tough team. Big and physical, the opposition towered over most of our lads, but it was Oldcastle who started the better, the first score a lovely point from Cian Blake, as the evening sun shone down on Millbrook (23/5/2022).

Senchalstown were unlucky not to score a goal with the next play, instead it was Ivan Carroll for Oldcastle who took a point as the game continued, followed by a super goal from Rory Collins, to leave the home side 1-02 up before Senchalstown got their first point. A sideline ball to the opposition was intercepted by Ciaran Connell and fed on via Bobby Masterson, to Cian Blake and Paul Hennessy who got a nice ball in to Pat Crawley who smashed her to the back of the net for another Oldcastle goal. A powerful clearance from Fionn McCabe soon after found its’ way upfield to Fergal Flynn who sailed her over. Oldcastle were now eight points ahead, but Senchalstown woke up, smashing in two goals of their own within a minute, followed by three unanswered points to take the lead. Pat Crawley levelled again for Oldcastle, but like vampires in a Hammer Horror they came again: two more goals within minutes to give them a two-goal advantage once more! Paul Cronin was working hard throughout: with the opposition seemingly going for goal non-stop he also put in many super saves, getting well winded in the process of one of them straight to the stomach. A good block by Pat Crawley found Cormac O’Connell, on to Ciaran, to Cian and back to Cormac, to Rory Crawley running, he got it in to Fergal Flynn who found Pat Crawley who sailed her over for the final score of the first half, leaving it Oldcastle 2-05, Senchalstown 4-04 at the break.

James Gibney got possession for Oldcastle at the restart, but that effort resulted in a wide when it got upfield, it was Senchalstown extended their lead to the two goals again with their first attack of the half, but the Oldcastle fight back started when Nathan Gibney fired over a lovely point. Rory Crawley was fouled immediately after, with the free moved forward to make it a simple job for Cian to tip over. At this stage the heavens opened, with heavy rain and bright sunshine at once, Senchalstown took a point, Cian the next for Oldcastle, but Senchalstown came again with another point, to extend their lead once again to the two goals, 2-08 to 4-08. Then came the turning point of the game, the ball getting into the Oldcastle half of the pitch, RIan Mulvanny passing to Rory Crawley, his way blocked, he passed it back to Rian who hit her straight to the back of the net to great jubilation on the sidelines, and reducing the deficit to just the one goal!

With that the game was lifted to another level, a super Bobby Masterson pick-up found Rory, on to Cormac, to Ciaran Russell and Rian, to Ivan Carroll, on to Pat Crawley who was promptly fouled, Cian converted. But a Senchalstown free straight after kept the gap at three, an Oldcastle wide soon after of no use to any man. But the next play saw Rory fouled, Cian converted, only two points behind now. Another great catch from Bobby Masterson gained possession again, upfield to Rory: Rory fouled, Cian converted. One behind. The kickout was brought down superbly by Paul Hennessy, on to Pat Crawley, Pat fouled. As Cian stepped up take it, a silence fell upon the crowd, followed by a deafening roar as she went over the bar to level the match!

With six minutes of injury time now gone, with everyone expecting the full time whistle to blow on the kickout and both sides would be happy with a draw, it sailed out, no whistle, and Bobby once again won the ball, on to Cian, back to Bobby, on to Cormac and Rory Crawley and to Fergal Flynn, Fergal was fouled and the free awarded. Cian eyed it up and sent it over as the Oldcastle crowd erupted, another great outing for Lazarus in Millbrook where he likes to make an occasional visit, a super comeback and a thrilling match, enjoyed by all! Play continued for another few minutes but finally the whistle blew on a great Oldcastle victory, with the final score as tight as can be: Oldcastle 3-13, Senchalstown 4-09.

The league now takes a break, with matches resuming on July 4th.

Oldcastle: Paul Cronin, Cormac O’Connell, Bobby Masterson, Fionn McCabe, Ciaran Connell, James Gibney, Ivan Carroll (0-01) Fergal Flynn (0-01), Rory Crawley, Eoin Smith, Cian Blake (0-08), Paul Hennessy, Rory Collins (1-00) Ciaran Russell, Pat Crawley (1-02). Subs: Alan GIlsenan, Nathan Gibney (0-01), Rian Mulvanny (1-00), Darragh Tuite.