Good League win over Curraha in Millbrook

Oldcastle 2-11 Curraha 0-10
After a stuttery start to the A League, the lads finally got the win they were after this evening (21/04/2023), when Curraha came to Millbrook. Oldcastle dominated the first quarter, with points from Robbie Farrelly, Louis Colleran and Keith Connell followed by a lovely goal from Conor Delaney, plus another fine point from CJ; the opposition only recording one point in that time. Curraha added on two, before another super effort from CJ, at an impossible angle, sailed over. Another point plus a free from Curraha finished off the first half, with the score at Oldcastle 1-05, Curraha 0-05.

The second half got underway with a point from Garrett O’Reilly, who will be shouting for Cavan tomorrow evening. A nice catch by Keith Connell was fed on via Mossy Flood, to Louis Colleran, a nice pass high in the air caught by Inspector Gadget type hand movements from Pearse Sheridan, on a good run, he found Garrett, on to CJ and finally to Oran Mulvanny who caught and kicked straight over the bar, a lovely solid point. A foul on Eoin Smith was converted by Robbie, before Curraha mounted an attack, dangerous play close to Conor McHugh’s goals, but the Oldcastle defence put in great work to clear her, outfield to Paddy Gilsenan, on to Eoin Smith and back to Paddy who fired her straight over.

With the next play, Paddy had another chance, a super shot on goals denied but the goalie’s save sent her back out to the waiting CJ who took the point. It was CJ again with the next play who won the ball outfield and was fouled, awarded the free he went from there and sent her over from way out. At this stage Curraha finally got their first point of the second half but also lost a man to a red card, but that seemed to waken them up if anything; they then took the next four points without reply, reducing the eight point lead to four. With that Oran Mulvanny on a run got the ball in to Conor Delaney, he found Lee Healy, and in to Robbie Farrelly who buried her to the net for a lovely goal, and the final score of the match, a nice win for the lads on a scoreline of Oldcastle 2-11, Curraha 0-10.

Oldcastle: Conor McHugh, Louis Colleran (0-01), Oran O’Reilly, Mossy Flood, Cillian Connell, Keith Connell (0-01), Lee Healy, James Cooke, Oran Mulvanny (0-01), CJ Healy (0-04), Conor Delaney (1-00), Pearse Sheridan, Garrett O’Reilly (0-01), Eoin Smith, Robbie Farrelly (1-02). Subs: Paddy Gilsenan (0-01), Paddy Rahill, Ross Cadden, Lloyd Colleran, Mattie Cadden