A League Win in Walterstown

The Senior lads travelled to take on Walterstown in the A League earlier, with the rain clearing off, leaving behind a bright but cold evening (17 May 2022). A good dispossession of a Waltertown player by CJ got the ball on to Stephen Lawless, back to CJ, to Darren Hawdon and back to Stephen, back to CJ and finally to Oran Mulvanny who was fouled: Robbie converted. It was Robbie himself who was fouled for his next free, over she went. A great Paddy Rahill midfield catch was fed on to Robbie and in to CJ who sailed her over the bar for a lovely score, repeated again a minute later for Oldcastle’s fourth point. The kickout was brought down by Darren Hawson and in to the waiting Pearse Sheridan who sailed her over himself.

It was all one-way traffic, Walterstown barely even getting past the half-way line at all. Another Robbie free was followed by a fine point from Ben Grey, with the next Walterstown kickout brought down by CJ who simply fired her back the direction she had come from and over the bar. A Stephen Lawless shot off the post saw Jason Scully convert the 45, which he followed immediately by a nice point from play.A Walterstown attack fell short, the ball redirected by Ronan Maguire, on to Louis Colleran, to Darren Hawdon and Oran Mulvanny and finally to CJ who eyed it up from way out, shot and sent her over once again. As if Walterstown’s evening couldn’t get any worse, a Darren Hawdon ball from midfield that he chipped in towards the general goal / Paddy Gilsenan direction, hopped over the Walterstown goalie, missed Paddy altogether, but still stayed on course and ended up in the back of the net. There was nearly a general “Thanks be to God” from all there, including the Oldcastle spectators, when Waltertown finally got on the scoreboard in the 33rd minute, to leave the halftime score Oldcastle 1-12, Walterstown 0-01.

The chat from the Walterstown supporters was that a lot of their first team were out injured, which to be fair someway explained the scoreline, but Oldcastle were playing great football. The second half was similar to the first, albeit the opposition were a little better. Some more superb scores from CJ, and a fine point at a tight angle from Stephen Lawless went on the scoreboard, with Pearse Sheridan and Keith Connell also adding on goals. Overall a nice performance, with the final score reading Oldcastle 3-20, Walterstown 0-06.

Oldcastle: Sean Maxwell, Louis Colleran, Cian McPartland, Darren Hawdon (1-00), Oran O’Reilly, Ronan Maguire, Stephen Lawless (0-01), Paddy Rahill, Oran Mulvanny, CJ Healy (0-08), Jason Scully (0-02), Robbie Farrelly (0-06), Ben Grey (0-01), Pearse Sheridan (1-02), Paddy Gilsenan. Subs: Conor McHugh, Ryan Kevin, Keith Connell (1-00), Ross Cadden Joe Lynch.