2 from 2 in the Corn na Boinne

Oldcastle 0-11 Bective 0-07
Oldcastle travelled to Bective today (11/2/2023)for this second round of the Corn na Boinne, following a comfortable win in the first.. A perfect afternoon for football: but it was Bective who won the throw-in and they attacked immediately, Rian Mulvanny under pressure on his first outing as Senior goalie: a fine save from him, but the rebound was secured by Bective and sent over the bar for a point. A good ball on from Steven Lawless found Ben Grey, he found Conor Delaney who sent her in to Robbie Farrelly: he sailed her over the bar to get Oldcastle on the board. Bective took the next two scores before a Garrett O’Reilly free was converted by C.J.
A kickout from Rian soon after was taken down nicely by Conor Delaney, on to Dylan Garrigan, to Ben and Robbie, over to James Cooke who chipped her in to Paddy Rahill, a nice high kick over the bar for another point. Oldcastle were unlucky not to score a goal, with Bective then attacking again, a good clearance from Darren Hawdon retrieving the situation, he got the ball forward to Robbie Farrelly who made a good run most of the length of the pitch before putting her between the posts; Paddy Rahill adding on another soon after to level it again. Oldcastle were scrappy and disorganised at times, never really getting into their stride in this half, and with Bective taking another point the half-time score was Oldcastle 0-05 Bective 0-06.
The Oldcastle half-time chat did the job, as the team came out with a bit more fire in their bellies. A Ciaran Connell intercept made its way upfield, ending up in the capable hands of Paddy Rahill and sailing over the bar, with Robbie converting a free soon after. A well-worked move involving nearly all the team resulted in the next point, also from Robbie. Paddy Rahill put over the next point, before Bective took their first point of the half, converting an easy free. A bad foul on Stephen Tierney by the Bective goalie saw him getting his marching orders, leaving the opposition a man down for the remainder, with Robbie converting the resulting free. The last score of the match was a lovely point from way out from the boot of Robbie Farrelly, before the ref blew the whistle on a final score of Oldcastle 0-11, Bective 0-07. Not pretty football but the right result, and a much improved second half winning it out.

Oldcastle: Rian Mulvanny, Alan Gilsenan, Steven Lawless, Darren Hawdon, C.J. Healy (0-01), Dylan Garrigan, Ciaran Connell, Ross Cadden, James Cooke, Ben Grey, Conor Delaney, Robbie Farrelly (0-06) Garrett O’Reilly, Paddy Rahill (0-04), Eoin Smith. Subs: Oran Mulvanny, Stephen Tierney, Keith Connell, Fionn McCabe, Kyle Kavanagh.