U-12 Spring League off to good start

Oldcastle 17, Curraha 5
The new Oldcastle U-12’s of 2019 underwent a baptism of extreme weather conditions as they got the Spring League underway in Gilson Park yesterday morning (10/03/2019). Blue skies and sunshine gave way to a biting cold wind and sleet as referee Gerry Skelly threw in the ball. Oldcastle thankfully had the wind advantage in the first half and used it well; with accurately-aimed balls in to the full and half-forward lines resulting in plenty of scores. Pat Crawley took the first, with Mark Cadden pouncing on a rebound minutes later for the second. Pat Crawley took control of midfield, and a ball from him upfield by way of Eoin Sheridan made its’ way to Shane Boylan for the third score. Oldcastle were by far the stronger team, and once they eased into the game they scored at will: a good Ryan Halpin intercept of a Curraha kick-out was fired straight back over for a lovely score, while Mikey Timmons was always dangerous on the wing and also got on the scoreboard. Tiarnan Halpin-Murphy’s workrate was super, while Sean Garrigan, Isabel Delaney and Alex Lynch brought a burst of speed when needed. Rhys Eager was vigilant in goals while Thomas Sheridan, Ollie Hjert, Simas Abraitis, Padraig Lynch and Jack Smith were rock-solid in defence: and kept Curraha scoreless throughout the first half, with the score Oldcastle 15, Curraha 0.

The second-half got underway but conditions deteriorated even further and the match had to be stopped for a period while a full-scale blizzard barrelled through Gilson Park. Play resumed however, Curraha now had the wind advantage and notched up a few scores. Pat Crawley and Lee Keatinge managed to score against the wind.

A fantastic result and a great start to the Spring League sets the team up nicely for the next match against St. Vincents on Thursday 28th March in Ardcath.

Rhys Eager, Simas Abraitis, Padraig Lynch, Oliver Hjert, Thomas Sheridan, Jack Smith, Pat Crawley (5), Ryan Halpin (2), Eoin Sheridan, Shane Boylan (4), Mikey Timmons (1), Mark Cadden (4), Tiernan Halpin-Murphy, Sean Garrigan, Alex Lynch, Isobel Delaney, Lee Keatinge (1).