Oldcastle U-15’s showed great spirit in their win over Dunderry

Oldcastle 6-10, Dunderry 6-06

Dunderry travelled to Millbrook this evening (26 Feb.2019) to take on Oldcastle in the U-15 Leinster Cross-County League, and looked the stronger team at the off. They registered two goals before Oldcastle even realised the match had started. Eoin Smith reacted first and took two lovely points to get the party started. Another one from Brian Hetherton was followed by a goal from Paul Hennessy to bring the sides level. Kane Cullen added a fine point from play, with an Eoin Smith free leaving it Oldcastle 1-05, Dunderry 2-01 at half-time.

After the break it was Oldcastle who started best with a point from Paul. Great defensive work by Kane Cullen and Lloyd Colleran to deny the opposition saw Lloyd hoof the ball half way up the pitch to the ever-ready Eoin Smith, on to Ryan Kevin, to Paul Hennessy and into the waiting arms of J.P. Purcell who tipped it in slow motion in the direction of the goalie and just…just…just past the post for a goal! While the Dunderry contingent were still giving out Eoin Smith tipped another nice point over. All the while Eoin Muldoon was playing a blinder in goals, with one fine save after another. Brian Hetherton was getting the better of his man in midfield, while also managing to take scores, with a nice goal from him leaving the lads eight points up.

Dunderry fought back though, and knocked in three goals within five minutes, to go two points ahead. Oldcastle were having none of that however: Alan Gilsenan defending hard, got the ball out to Lloyd, on to Eoin and then to Rian Mulvanny who smashed it into the back of the net. Fionn McCabe and Cormac O’Connell were working tirelessly throughout, their work got the next ball upfield, via Brian, Kane, back to Brian and to J.P. who was fouled. The resultant free just dropped in over the goalie’s head for another goal, with Rian adding another soon after. Brian Hetherton took the last score before referee Gerry Skelly blew the final whistle.
A super team performance tonight, boosted by some outstanding displays, with Kane Cullen winning loads of possession on the wing and Eoin Smith unstoppable, but every lad on the pitch stood up and was counted tonight.

The last match of the group takes place this coming Sunday at Millbrook at 2.30pm against Westmeath side Tubberclair. 

Oldcastle: Eoin Muldoon, Lloyd Colleran, Alan Gilsenan, Kane Cullen (0-01), Cormac O’Connell, Fionn McCabe, Brian Hetherton (1-03), Ryan Kevin (0-01), J.P. Purcell (2-00), Eoin Smith (0-04), Rian Mulvanny (2-00), Paul Hennessy (1-01).